About Us

Toddler Tech USA is the manufacturer of Dapper Snappers™ "Fix Droopy Drawers in a Snap!" Dapper Snappers are high quality and 100% USA Made out of components made in the USA. We take pride in producing the finest toddler belt in the world. 

Our mission and goal is to provide excellent products at affordable prices while providing amazing customer service. We love our customers, and we hope you love us back. 

Toddler Belts that work well are hard to come by. That's why this No Buckle Belt is so amazing. There are no buckles, D-Rings, or Velcro closures to have to undo when your little one has to go "RIGHT NOW!!!" Dapper Snappers help make potty training easy!

And don't worry about whether or not you have belt loops. Now with out Dapper Snapper Belt Clips you don't need belt loops!  These are the perfect belts for skirts and pants without belt loops. 

Don't forget to see the other products!

Dapper Snappers for Moms: This serves as a Woman's belt and a Pregnancy Belt. And let me tell you, this is very comfortable, even as a Maternity Belt!

Dapper Snappers for Mittens: Mitten Clips that look nice and stay put with our specially made clips!