Dapper Snappers "Big Kids" Girls Belts

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Features of our “Big Kid” Belts:

  • Made from quality Suspender Elastic (for that snug, but not too tight fit)
  • Interlocking Buckle for Girls (easy to get in and out)
  • Fully Adjustable Length (will grow with your child)
  • Numerous Colors available to Match Any Outfit
  • Made in the USA
  • CPSIA tested and approved!


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Roosiciaf, 11/16/2012

These belts are incredible. I'm so glad you make them. I love that they are made in the United States. I'm so glad you are helping our economy.

Reviewed by alorneaborm, 09/01/2012

I really like this product because my daughter can easily undo her belt and refasten it also. She has poor fine motor skills and although she is 9, she could not get a regular belt unbuckled or fastened on her own, sometimes this was a big problem and caused embarrassing situations for her. Great product!

Reviewed by hattoodstal, 08/22/2012

These belts are GREAT! Don't bother with those other Made in China kids belts. These are made in the USA and the quality is AMAZING!

Highly recommended!!!


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