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Dapper Snappers for Women
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Finally!!! Dapper Snappers for Women! From Miss to Maternity to Momhood, this belt is for you.

Wear this special women's belt in the back to get rid of that annoying gap or to keep up your low rise jeans. Wear as a maternity belt in the front using the 2 front belt loops instead of the rubberband trick. Either way, this genius product is for you. 

Oh, and it can be used on kids 7+ (if the regular size Dapper Snapper is too small), tweens, teens, and even Dads!

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Mary J, 05/02/2012

These adult belts are fantastic. I have trouble finding pants that fit and they are often a little too big in the waist when I get a good fit elsewhere. Jeans are often too tight when first washed and then start falling down by the end of the day. Not with this product! Wish I had them for my kids when they were little!

Reviewed by Reteextemaide , 02/11/2012

I'm so glad they came out with Adult sized Dapper Snappers. These are perfect. I couldn't be happier!

Reviewed by dessengassy , 02/04/2012

I used this for both before and after pregnancy to keep my pants up. After pregnancy I used the snappers thru the loops in the sides and back of my pants. It helps you avoid your pants gapping and falling down at your wast while you are getting back to your smaller size. I do recommend them and also the smaller ones for toddlers who can't wear belts.

Reviewed by Colleen , 03/02/2011

I love using this postpartum belt! I can actually wear my jeans that are too tight to button. Wish I had it when I was pregnant. I can see using this while I am losing weight and my clothes get baggy.

disclosure: I received the belt for free to review. I have however been using the kids belts for a long time and love them too!


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